Take the A6 motorway to reopen the viaduct collapsed in November

The viaduct on the A6 collapsed in the month of November 2019, will be reopened on the 21st of February next: the new structure, the result of restoration work begun on the 13th of December last, will then be accessible to traffic between one week. The collapse of the viaduct dates back to November 24: it was caused by a landslide due to heavy rains that occurred in that period. Fortunately there were no victims.

Autostrade per l’italia is in the meantime starting with the controls on the tunnels on its network: by the end of 2020 it will be inspected 587, in concert with the Ministry of Infrastructure. These inspections are the result of the request by the government of checks for the different structural collapse that occurred between the end of the 2019 and early 2020.

Particularly hard hit was the Liguria: always on the A6, on the 9th of January marked the disintegration of the plaster of the ceiling of the gallery Ricchini, at the height of Quiliano, the province of Savona; also in this case, there were no injuries. On December 31, 2019, instead, a part of the ceiling of the gallery Berté along the A26 Genova-Gravellona Toce and collapsed by tapping the cars in transit. No vehicle, however, was hit.