Arval: the results of the 2019

GROWS WELLArval, a company specialized in long term rental, has achieved excellent results even in 2019, becoming the car rental company with the most significant growth. In detail in the course of 2019, the fleet-level ii has grown by 9.1%, reaching 1.298.404 vehicles. The number of orders increased by 8% compared to last year, for a total of 380.982 vehicles. Not only that, but the number of vehicles sold at the end of the contract is increased by 6%, for a total of 269.830 unit. In addition, in several geographic areas, you record a double-digit growth: 20,8% in Northern Europe, 19.3% in Central Europe, 16.2% in the Benelux countries and in Southern Europe. The most important Countries (France, UK, Spain and Italy), however, rose 7.3%.

More and MORE SMART – Two of the main trends that have emerged in the course of 2019: the decrease of the share of diesel vehicles, today, at 75%, and the acceleration on electric vehicles. Always in 2019, Arval has celebrated its 30th anniversary together with the arrival of the new ceo, Alain Van Groenendael. In the future, the group Arval will focus more and more on SMaRT (Sustainable Mobility and esponsibility Targets) Approach to support its customers in the ransizione energy of their fleets. Why electric cars are a key element of this methodology, and represent, in many cases, a real alternative to more traditional solutions. And the goal in the key 2020: growth in new car registrations of electric vehicles is double compared to the market. During the course of the 2020 Arval will continue to develop new markets in the world. At the beginning of January, for example, new offices were opened in Colombia.

ITALY – in Italy, Arval recorded a growth in 2019 of the fleet is financed at 9% compared to the previous year, for a total of 217.011 vehicles. All of the commercial segments are on the rise, and, among these, stands out the growth of the rental to private individuals, which doubled compared to the past.