BMW Italy, 2020: interview with Massimiliano Di Silvestre


On the occasion of the presentation of Skiable 2020, on the slopes of Sauze D’oulx, the new president and ceo BMW Italia speaks about the activities for the German House on the front of not only national mobility. Vehicles are increasingly electrified, for those years will be able to propose interesting and premium, but not only.

What are the most important topics of today for BMW in Italy? “Our objective more and more challenging, for Italy, is to give the best customer experience of the world premium to our customers. It is clear that there is also talk of the product, with a clear strategy. In the part of the luxury, we expect a 2020 with volumes double compared to the previous year (models are Series 7, X7, and Series 8, ed.). We then clear the path of both models X or M, both of the cars electrified. The other pillar of the strategy, however, are the behaviours and orientation to the market: the ones we have shared with the dealers national in mid-January.”

On the front of electrification, following the exploits of the i3 at the time, there will be models that are closer to the market, that are diversified by segment and technique. “The electrification passes from electric cars, both by the extension of the Plug-in hybrid across the range. By 2020 we will launch the X3 power, and then, next year, the iNext and the i4. But in the meantime, soon comes a Mini all-electric“.

What you think to be able to do in terms of volume, the Italian market? “The Italian market is growing. If you look at the 2019 is the +66% with 3,700 units, vehicle-mounted. We have the highest share with 22% of the segment. Limited to the pure electric, the small numbers 10,000 cars in 2019, we believe there is a segment to operate in. It will be a support to sustainable mobility for urban areas. At the same time with the plug-in hybrid we encounter those who need mobility combined (urban during the week, higher on weekends)“.

Not all our competitors offer an extensive range of this type. Someone also in the voice of ecology (see some carmaker japanese for the batteries, deliberately only the small leaves from the electrification about means bulky and travel. “The electrification of the full will be on the city-car i3 (or Mini) but with a model like the new X5 hybrid, we give more than 90 Km in electric mode. It is a perfect car for commuting without the use of heat, taking the heat for other purposes“.

As formula sales, to bring closer the customers to the new car, there are developments beyond the classic rental. A flexibility which would allow use of the many variants of engine existing. “We have a slogan, coined with our president, that is The Power of choice. BMW is on all the technologies possible, with the mild-hybrid or plug-in, both petrol and diesel. By 2020 hydrogen fuel-cell. The goal is to allow each customer to choose the technology closer to the needs. A choice that also passes through the formulas financial or rentals. We will have instruments adequate”.

The front of the standards on the car instead, one that in Italy is discussed so much because the rules are not homogeneous on the territory. It is a matter also policy. “For us, sustainable mobility is a goal of the Europe. Is reachable according to programs such as industrial that we have. However, the goal is only reached if all go in the same direction. Industry, research and institutions. There are authorities who prohibit the circulation to the diesel Euro6: represents an error which causes confusion. The new diesel engines Euro6 are the cleanest of the gasoline. Limit the freedom of movement for us is the right solution for the objectives at the European level”.

Around the theme of modernization to the fleet instead, what do you think about BMW? There are spaces for encourage also used to great level useful to the environmental cause. “This is a path already activated. We work with unrae managing on the front, and after the experiences less positive, with some authorities who prohibit the circulation, we have projects to modernize the fleet. We then of our incentives, in addition to those of government, the thesis with the fleet renewal by encouraging those who want to maybe renew their model, going from a Euro4 to a Euro6. However, there should be confusion at the local level. Programs and incentives are there, need to work with the institutions for the regulatory framework certain, not with the choices of the belly“.

Finally, the aspect of Motorsport, where BMW has always been a protagonist in various ways. What do you think about the new n°1 of the House in Italy? “The races are part of the DNA of BMW. Aim industrial is to continue to produce cars that will never be boring to drive. The well-known go-kart feeling. On the track I like to remember the FE, where we have invested a lot and we will continue“.

Il presidente BMW Italia sulle nevi di Sauze d'Oulx con Alex Zanardi, brand ambassador

The president of BMW Italy, on the slopes of Sauze d’oulx with Alex Zanardi, the brand ambassador


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