BMW M2 Competition by Futura 2000, coupe d artist


BMW has entrusted to the contemporary artist Futura 2000 to produce a limited series of three models of the BMW M2 Competition, which will be offered to the public starting in June 2020.

In the meantime, the partnership with the well-known graffiti artist from new york is inaugurated at the fair, Frieze and the Los Angeles 2020, where it is shown for the first time to the public the first of three “art car” designed by Futura 2000.

The artist has worked extensively on the three unique versions of the BMW M2, both outside and inside.

The BMW M2 Edition designed by Futura 2000 is recognizable for its special livery reproduced on the bodywork and each car is equipped with light alloy wheels in black, 19-inch.

The mouldings on the dashboard and on the center console of every vehicle features a special design that imitates the pattern on the outside, whereas the sports seats, Dakota M in two-tone leather in black and ivory white feature contrast stitching in blue dye.

In addition, the package includes a leather sports steering wheel M Alcantara with a marking gray at 12 o’clock and special finishes of the dashboard with the number of consecutive limited-edition, and the signature of Futura 2000.


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