Football Monza and Kia together: for a social project in aid of the hospital of Desio

When car manufacturers are investing in Corporate Social Responsibility, the so-called CSR, is always a pleasure to talk about it. The occasion of a Kia this time is entitled “Together to win” and are the three, those who “bring together” or Kia Italy, A. C. Monza and Hospital of Desio. The result is to give to the less fortunate children of Monza and province, moments of fun and lightheartedness. How? The players of the Monza went on to set up a waiting room at the department of child Neuropsychiatry

During the presentation of the project to the stadium is Adriano Galliani to do the honours of the house to remember that he, after 31 years “on loan” to ac Milan, he returned to dedicate himself to the Monza, and it does so with absolute passion. The president Berlusconi has laid down a plan of potential targets that they see the football Monza directed towards the B-series and then, in the future, even the serie A.

“Is it not possible that our city – says Galliani – the third in Lombardy and a reference for excellence, has never been in serie A. With the president Berlusconi, we are working to enhance the area with the sports results of Football Monza”.

But to play a primary role in the meantime, with this project, supported by the Kia, is the Company’s Socio-Sanitary territory of Monza. It is explained by the director-general Mario Alparone, radiant, for the humanization of the waiting areas of the UONPIA. “It’s a reality of excellence in neuropsychiatry in the territory (Desio under the auspices of the ASST Monza)”. In the near future, a bit like the Football Monza, also the ASST points to A series of hospitals, becoming IRCCS. “It would be the fifth in Lombardy, one of 51 in Italy”.

In the meantime, as you can see from the pictures and from the video, “Together to win” is the proximity of A. C. Monza to its territory. A sport resulted within the walls of the Operating Unity of Neuropsychiatry and Psychology for the Childhood and Adolescence thanks to the decorations of the walls and the introduction of some games and gadgets. Different impact for those spaces, that counts even if it is not exactly a cure, but a fun and positive that makes the environment more familiar.

Kia is certainly not new to this type of activity, where you do not speak directly of cars, but of the other that counts. “We are very happy to be able to give our small contribution to a cause that is so important for the territory of Monza and Brianza; even more if with this gesture to benefit the little patients of the UONPIA – explains Giuseppe Bitti, chief executive officer of Kia Motors Company Italy -. Every year, Kia has been very careful not to miss the support in reality virtuous active in the field of solidarity and this is but the beginning of a very important year from this point of view”.

Adriano Galliani thanked the partners Korean, for “a project that fits perfectly with the values of A. C. Monza; confident that the new displays in shades of biancorosse can bring smiles to the little patients of the hospital.”

Monza Park – Not only autodrome

The occasion of this social activity Kia, it also allows you to discover an aspect monzese relevance. Maybe not rumbling, like the engines of the circuit, which, unfortunately, are in crisis for many years. Are the work activities of the San Gerardo hospital. The institute of monza, which is a hub for the Desio, is known throughout the country for the certain cure of the border, especially cancer or dedicated to children. The ASST is now “in the running” to become the IRCCS. A detail of this, which would mean to have a structure of excellence even more extended, for the citizens. Your air line is less than 1 km from the Temple of Speed, where they run the drivers to get first to the finish line.

Here, however, there are doctors, researchers, scientific staff and health fully busy. Sometimes it seeks solutions to problems that are national in scope and beyond the university campus, which is already present, becoming IRCCS Monza would have the opportunity to experiment with new treatments. Not only the departments of reference, like that of some rare diseases, hematology and oncology, pulmonary, for example, but a whole big pole that would be the national reference, without overlapping with the nearby Milan. It’s a bit the goal of excellence, following the Football Monza, or the premium for Kia, only here it speaks of the health theme.

A support, one of the world engine arrived today for this small department of child, which joins those of many associations, the ones that literally turn at full speed, a structure that is always crowded and bustling. In the streets that lead up to the racetrack, area Parco80, sometimes, you have big smiles and emotions for both the care-level that are made by individuals with little social, but a lot of winning.