Formula 1 2020: Mercedes, removed the veils to the W11


Waiting for the shakedown expected today at Silverstone, the Mercedes has released the first images of the W11, its single-seater for the season 2020 of Formula 1. The livery of the W11 was already revealed at the beginning of the week: in addition to the classic silver with green accents oil, this year he also made his debut a bordeaux unpublished, due to the new sponsor INEOS. Confirmed also the monogram with the Stars with three points, one of which is colored red to remind Niki Lauda, who passed away in may of 2019.

From the technical point of view, we note how the muzzle is thinner than that of the W10: the component narrows down at the tip, which has a rounded shape. It seems that in general the car is more “dry” when compared to the car that preceded it. It is in every case of solutions up, to make it even more competitive package, excellent and versatile in the ultma season of a technical regulation which has seen Mercedes triumph.

The goal is of course to center for the seventh consecutive time the double rider-manufacturer victories: it would be a record, it is seen that between the Ferrari between 1999 and 2004 and stood at the altitude of six irises builders. To drive the Mercedes W11 will be the same pair last year, set up by the six times world champion Lewis Hamilton, 35 years old, and from the Finnish Valtteri Bottas, 30. For the official debut track of the W11 after the shakedown of today, we have to wait for the 19 next February, with the start of pre-season testing in Barcelona.


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