Formula 1 2020: Mercedes W11, technical news


Winning Formula does not change: the Mercedes W11, the single-seater from the team of Brackley for the season 2020 of Formula 1, presented today, is all’tradition. The excellent aerodynamic package which was the car that preceded it, the W10, it has been further extreme patrist, but in accordance with the technical philosophy that has given so many hits to the house of Stuttgart in the era of the hybrid.

There is a change, however, that it is noted on the Mercedes W11: we speak of the inlet air to the radiators. Have been greatly reduced in volume now are smaller and shaped rectangular, and not in a semicircle, as in 2019. Have been raised from the bottom and the cone anti-intrusion has been moved below the mouths of the radiators. Solutions that optimize the flow of air to the power unit and provide greater aerodynamic efficiency.

Design: Gabriele Pirovano


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