Liability insurance for family: sledge all?


Bersani law, to stop the enlargement of the benefits at the family level: the new policy Rc-car family, as provided by the tax decree linked to the maneuver and deferred to the introduction by the “Milleproroghe” 16 feb, could be aborted before seeing the light.

At the base of the sensational behind-the front, there would be only the reasons of the calendar (on the 16th of February falls on a Sunday), but above all the strong hostility to the provision of Ania, the association that represents the insurance companies, always hostile to a rule that allows you to ensure that all vehicles, regardless of whether it is the middle of two or four wheels, taking advantage of the best class on this within the family.

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At the Constitutional Affairs Committee and the Budgetary Room that is examining the decree “Milleproroghe” they arrived several amendments, signed by various political groups (and this demonstrates, according to the most malicious, the strength of the lobby of the insurance companies…), to postpone the entry into force of the provision, with different deadlines: 30 June (M5S), 16 June (FLORENCE and Italy Alive) or 16 April (Pd), with this last amendment, which contains, however, a poisoned apple on the inside, seen that includes even the introduction of a “bonus-malus of the family“, with worsening of the class on load, all the policies in the core if one of the components of the family causes an accident.

At the time of this writing, nothing has been decided though, even if the forecast most reliable suggested a postponement of the rule at least two monthsare necessary in order to deepen the most controversial aspects have emerged in this regard, some of which are reported from Ania, who is already in December it had rejected the Rc car family, shedding light on technical aspects considered to be problematic.


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