Opel Corsa: here’s how the headlights are “smart”


THINK of ALL of YOU – The new generation of Opel Corsa , we have already had the opportunity to drive it (found here our first contact), but on this occasion (an evening rehearsal in Milan) has been given the opportunity to test the effectiveness of the headlights Intellilux (led matrix). Developed by Opel, already prior to the acquisition by PSA-2017 (in the future may find application also on the other car of the group), these headlights are “smart” are composed of more light-emitting diodes, which are turned on and off independently of each other. A control unit analyzes the images recorded by a camera in the windshield that detects other vehicles on the road (in the opposite direction or in same direction) and off selectively some leds to create a shaded area around them, avoiding abbagliarne drivers, while keeping always switched on the headlamps.

EFFECTIVE SYSTEM – The car coming from the opposite direction, and those that lie before us are in essence “cut off” from the beam of light of headlights Intellilux of the Opel Corsa. But the driver benefits from a nighttime visibility is optimal: always remains the maximum, in fact, in areas which do not dazzle other road users (i.e., to the sides of the road). To the test, the system proved to be very effective: in particular, when you travel on streets not illuminated, in which you are not forced to turn on and off manually high-beam, in order not to “blind” those arriving in the opposite direction, everything is done automatically, allowing you to maintain the high attention to driving. In short, 600 euro well spent (in the price list, in fact, are offered as optional events for the most wealthy, Elegance and GS Line).

Do NOT FEAR THE COLD – in Addition, the technology of the headlights Intellilux of the Opel Corsa also allows you to waste less power (and therefore fuel): each light consumes only 13 Watts mode low beam, with an energy saving of 81% compared to halogen headlights. Another advantage is given by the system of recovery of the hot air produced from the electronic control of the lighthouse, which is sent inside the lighthouse itself, avoiding the snow and ice deposits on the outer glass.


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