Valentine’s day, 10 rules for an appointment flawless


For anyone who shares their life with a partner today is a special day: it is Valentine’s day, the feast of love. Compulsory, for gentlemen or for ladies that will be the drivers, to devote some attention to the evening that will be spent with the girlfriend. That often starts from the self, place in which, after the bedroom, their loves, know their most intimate moments.

The recurrence puts you anxiety? It is natural, but we want to help you with some rules to follow because the very first moments, and not only that, your appointment the most appropriate to the evening that awaits you.

  1. Drive strictly clean: bring it to a car wash, taking care that it is clean, externally but especially inside. And the time has come to throw away those pieces of paper that are on the pad for too much time, and put away those objects (mostly useless) that accumulate in the side pockets or in the glove box on the tunnel. A car clean and tidy like it at all and show up the evening with a flawless will earn you points in the eyes of the partner, especially if it usually is not. You will demonstrate that you have dedicated to your Valentine’s particular attention. Do not overdo it, however, in deodorants: certain fragrances can be annoying to others, even if you like.

  2. First, make the filling: the Valentine’s day is a special evening. A stop in a little romantic service station is a neo that you can avoid.

  3. Open the door: it is not very polite to remain seated in the driver’s seat to wait for the partner to climb on board. A bit of gallantry, which is not bad, but you should avoid to act as a chaperon and do not overdo it in ceremonies. Wait outside by the car, naturally, going to meet your half to help her sit down.

  4. Keep a new package of breath mints on hand: there is a need to explain why?

  5. The music is important: all the couples are an artist or a song special. Keep ready your favourite track, to start at the right time.

  6. The gift: rather than offer it to the restaurant, which is a scene view and the magazine, if you have bought the thought for your/to him/her, you could hide it in the glove box or in the seat and let them come up with an excuse. A small shot of the scene is usually welcome.

  7. No trips too long: unless you have thought of a long weekend out of the door, the place of the romantic dinner should not be too far away. You will not want to spend three-quarters of the evening in the car?

  8. Relaxed driving: the anniversaries always bring a little anxiety. Not just of each other with a nervous driving. Go slow and try to contain, or rather avoid, the expressions of annoyance if some other driver does not behave well.

  9. Phone off: don’t let that interrupt your idyll is a phone call out of place or unimportant, especially if you’re driving. Having to wait until the end of the conversation is mostly annoying for the one who is with you and will demonstrate once more that you want to spend the evening and the partner all your attention.

  10. A little dinner alcohol: a rule that always applies if you have to put in the guide, but more so on Valentine’s day. What could be more sad of a driver’s license is suspended just as a foretaste already of what comes after dinner?


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