WRC 2020. Sweden D-2. Is Elfyn Evans, Toyota

Torsby, Sweden, February 15. When two or more events or conditions, a positive intersect on the same trajectory, the product is similar to an explosion. Resounding and unexpected, the leap forward of the competitiveness of Elfyn Evans, already seen in the Monte-Carlo becomes the topic of the day, even in Sweden. Evans has conveyed its maturation, the shape of the Toyota Yaris , and the evident good feeling with the Machine in goals and ambitions hardly marketable, and the rest is commentary. That Evans was in the heart of Malcolm Wilson, but no longer in its… portfolios, it is known, less is known about the conditions that have allowed Makinen to subtract the Pilot and the influence of the Wizard of Dovenby Hall , and to put in this shot amazing of his campaign purchases. The effectiveness of the renewed Team, Gazoo Racing, it seems obvious. Eye for extraordinary or ridiculous luck? Embarrassing question, I would say 100% of both ingredients. In an explosive mixture. For these reasons, it now seems possible to speak of a true and proper consecration, Evanshad risen to the headlines with an entrance on the stage of the World championship WRC 2020 that say loud is an understatement.

Here he was, then. In the queue at the third place at “Monte”, the four Special won half of the 16 Trials in the head of the absolute, Evans now puts the beginning of Sweden’s tt finished in the head the first day of competition. The welsh put together two victories of the day and two second places, leads you in the head at the beginning of the day, and there it remains until the end, set in advance by the program, with a margin on the Tanak and Rovanpera that is not the abyss of certainty, but an eloquent confirmation of the thesis already exposed in draft to the Rally Monte-Carlo.


It is interesting, even sci-fi perspective, what is going on behind Evans, and the protagonist Rovanpera that you would have wanted to expect. The nineteen year-old Finnish to play with Tanak and Ogier, and denounced a casual “relationship” that leaves people astonished. It is not, in fact, the thing in itself that disrupts, Kalle is an enfant prodige, and you must not discuss his young talent, but the strange situation of embarrassment to the chain that is profiled. Indeed, imagine that you exchange the cards on the table, and that the young man continuous to disturb His Majesty. Another coup of the campaign, purchases of Makinen, no doubt, but how will she Bear Tommi to ask Rovanpera to pass Ogier in the most predictable of situations, that is, that here the French champion had to fight for the World? It would be embarrassing. Very. For the Manager, forced to a request to the limit of the permissible for a boy ambitious. And the King, having to bow in front of the youngest of the subjects, to invoke the grace! And then there is this Evans that suddenly wakes up and dresses the shirt of the attacker. No, I don’t want to imagine.

So as I would not like to be in the shoes of the Tanak , in this delicate moment. The Estonian Champion of the World is called, without if and without but, to confirm the superiority conquered the repeating and bringing the highest Trophy in the Hyundai. There are no excuses for the eligible. Andrea Adam has asked for and received, and paid handsomely, only for this. The prize-the purpose is already in the contract. Here is, however, that the team Hyundai Motorsport is located in front of the barrage of training the Toyota Gazoo. Without the order of privilege or of competitiveness of all his Crews, Ogier, Evans, Rovanpera, seem to be fully in condition to repel the attack “the enemy”, and here it is necessary to draw from all the components of the force, namely, the experience, the courage, even at some risk to transform into good fortune while making a difference imperceptible that you project an important result.

Next Neuville!

Jari-Matti Latvala is unfortunately out for mechanical failures, and 2 Neuville is back. Not too much, of course, but back. The first leader of the World pays for the honour of the primacy with the task of opening the track and takes in this strange case of Sweden without snow, the role of “icebreaker”. Literally, because it is the Hyundai number 11, who has the task of cleaning up the streets from the possible, thin layer of ice that appears here and there. The other aspect of the matter is that Neuville has to mandatorily stay away from trouble, but it is true that between the tasks and attention the i20 Coupe, and the belgian is travelling with a delay of 4 tenths of a kilometer, a trend to reverse straight away if you want to return to the game.

Saturday short the Rally of Sweden. The same four special Tests, the same 60 miles, same condition, now worsened. Less gripping than usual sitting on the edge of the Swedish forests.

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