The Fiat 500e challenge the Mini Cooper THOUGH

When you arrive in dealers in July 2020, the New Fiat 500 will find direct rival is the Mini Cooper IF, version to batteries of the 3 ports to the English, that is in the delivery, in these days. The two models cater to a customer for some ways similar, attentive to the fashions and style, in search of a model of the iconic and well recognizable that the (or the) face stand out. In short, the two cars were the cities that change, will compete for the “sceptre” for the more trendy among the subcompacts new generation of electric. Waiting to compare them on the road, here is the first head-to-head between the New Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper IF.


The New Fiat 500 (or 500e as the call someone) it’s an easy drive of the all new, based on a platform specific. It is a long 363 cm wide and 170, and its forms remain faithful to the model of 2007, which, in turn, was inspired by the 1957. The Fiat has worked chisel, making the look more refined thanks to the particular cared for and original details, like the headlights that have a “lid” inserted in the engine bonnet. For the moment it was unveiled only with bodywork convertible with the canvas roof: the sedan will come later.

The Mini Cooper IF it shares the platform and structure with the other versions heat-engine, with respect to which it differs for some stylistic details, such as the mask closed, the need for specific and details in fluorescent yellow. Available only with the body of 3-door has larger rival: it measures 385 cm long and 173 wide. The look is overall more aggressive than the 500, in line with the brand image.


The dashboard of the Fiat 500 is full of minimalism, with just a few keys collected under the screen of 10,25”. The impression of quality is accentuated by the digital dashboard and the steering wheel with two races cut in the lower part, while the absence of the gear selector allows you to offer more space between the front seats (there are buttons to shift the gear forward, reverse, neutral and the parking facility). The seats are upholstered in eco-leather or fabric derived from the processing of plastic recovered from the seas and oceans.

The differences with the rival are also marked on the inside, because the dashboard of the Mini Cooper IF it is to mold more traditional, with keys and wheels in abundance, and the characteristic instrument circular in the center of the dashboard that contains the screen for 6.5” or the 8.8”. The digital dashboard is integral with the steering column of the steering wheel. Also in this case, one has the impression of an environment that is more focused on the sportsmanship, thanks also to the gear selector, the seats have multiple profiles.


The new platform of the New Fiat 500 accommodates under-floor lithium-ion battery 42 kWh, powering an engine with 118 HP. It validates the autonomy declared, up to 320 km according to the cycle Wltp, and good performance: from 0 to 100 km/h in 9 seconds and 150 km/h top speed (auto-limited). The batteries support a power charging up to 85 kW of continuous current, which allows you to regenerate by 80% in 35 minutes, while the power of charging should not be more than 11 kW, by connecting to an electrical system to alternating current.

The nature of the more sporty of the Mini Cooper IF it is emphasized by the choice of an engine powerful (184 HP), which ensures a 0-100 in 7.3 seconds (limited to 150 km/h the maximum speed). The autonomy is declared, provided by lithium-ion batteries from 32,6 kWh, it goes over 270 km. The maximum power of charging is 50 kW in continuous current: in 35 minutes you regenerate the batteries in the 80%. By choosing a system of alternating current you don’t go over 11 kW.


We come now to the prices, from which you can deduct € 4,000 (or € 6,000 with scrapping) of the state incentives, plus any regional incentives. The New Fiat 500 can be ordered at the time only in the exclusive version launch The First: costa 37.900 euro, but it is full featured and includes it in the price at absent for the Mini Cooper THOUGH, as the maintenance systems into the lane and control the blind angle of the door mirror. Later arrive the preparations were less rich, and the version with bodywork sedan.

The Mini Cooper IF it can be ordered in four versions: S, M, L and XL, priced from 33,900 euros at 41.500 euros. Series for the S, there are wheels of 16”, the headlights are full led and the screen is 6.5” in the console, while the M (more expensive, € 3000) adds the wheels to 17”, the distance sensors rear and parking camera. Up to 2.600 euro in the more there is the L: has the stereo of the Harman Kardon, the distance sensors at the front and the screen of 8.8”. For the XL, 2,000 euros more, there are also the sports steering wheel and the panoramic roof.