Nissan ready to abandon the fund, Alliance Ventures

As reported by the agency Reuters, Nissan is about to exit from the venture capital fund venture capital, Alliance Ventures, thus abandoning the Renault and Mitsubishi, which is the alliance partner with which it manages the fund. Reuters, citing sources inside the nissan, says that Nissan will ratify this decision at the end of April.

Necessary to cut costs

Nissan would have decided to exit the fund, Alliance Ventures, which is headquartered in Amsterdam and is actively engaged in supporting start-ups and technological innovations related to mobility, after that Mitsubishi would have expressed the intention not to invest more economic resources in the fund. In reality, however, the real reason behind the decision is based on the Nissan would be linked to liquidity problems and the needs of the japanese House, in the light of a drastic decrease in profits, to cut costs.

The CEO Uchida wants to give oxygen to the coffers of Nissan

A further impetus to the abandonment of Alliance Ventures from Nissan would come also from the non-achievement of 200 million dollars of revenue that the fund would have to ensure that the three manufacturers. For this reason, the new CEO of Nissan Makoto Uchida would have decided to exit from the fund, as part of a wider strategy where a priority of the company at the moment is to ensure a good level of liquidity without affecting the programs related to the development and launch of new models planned for the coming years.