Coronavirus – Problems with supplies, the Ferrari stops for two weeks

The epidemic of the coronavirus , also stops the Ferrari and, in particular, the production facilities in Maranello and Modena. The suspension of activities is not directly linked to the criticalities caused by the crisis in health care: the House of the Prancing horse, in fact, is experiencing problems in the supply chains and, therefore, decided to keep in house employees with immediate effect.

Two weeks of stop. The firm production, already implemented in the nearby factory of Lamborghini in Sant’agata Bolognese and in the systems FCA Pomigliano, Cassino, Melfi and Atessa, concerns all employees with the exception of employees who are already using the smart working and, with the proper rotations, and the necessary staff to ensure business continuity. The stop will begin next Monday and will last for two weeks, until 27 march. Compared to other similar cases, the employees will continue to be regularly paid: the management has decided to cover their absence without affecting the emoluments, or on the vacation you’ve earned.

No problem yet. The firm has not been decided for the security linked to the contagion (never fail), or to a situation of unrest among the workers, as happened in other factories of the peninsula, but rather to the finding of an imminent problem with the supply of components: for this, the management has decided to provide employees the opportunity to spend the current period with their family members. From Maranello are also present as workers have demonstrated in recent days a great attachment to the company: therefore, the Ferrari wanted to recognize and thank the work force for the sustained effort in the current moment of difficulty, as determined by the provisions enacted by the government to contain the spread of the infection.

The satisfaction of the unions. The representatives of the trade union has come to be applauded for the decision, taken at Maranello. “The period of firm production will be covered by a contractual, paid entirely by the company,” said the Fim Cisl Emilia Central. “In these two weeks, in continuity with the greatest commitment ever made by Ferrari, expect more changes to the plants and offices, to implement protection measures of prevention, hygiene, health and safety of workers. During the closing period, the parties will continue to meet to ensure the development of the situation”. Giorgio posterior segments, the general secretary of the metalworkers Cisl modena and reggio emilia, wanted to recognize the Ferrari, “the commitment that has placed immediately in the full implementation of the decrees of the government”.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.