Range Rover Sport – First sightings of the third generation

The ones that we see are the first spy photos of the third generation of the Range Rover Sport, which could debut in about two years. In the meantime, we have started to test with the prototypes working on the snow of Scandinavia, in extreme climatic conditions, suitable to evaluate the behavior of the powertrain.

Is a Range, but it becomes more streamlined. If the proportions are reminiscent of the model leaving many other details that a step-change in design, needed to align to the current models, both to attract new customers. We do note, in fact, the elements on the Leds on the front, the edge of the waist line is particularly evident, and the form rather slender for the rear, the tailgate is angled ends with a step. One has the impression that the body goes to shaking and towards the rear for the needs of aerodynamic, while the wheel arches are muscular and rounded.

Electrons popular. Beyond the logical presence of the unit for electric generation, we do not know for the moment what were the technical choices of the group Jaguar Land Rover on the platform of the future Range Rover Sport. Most likely you will have a floor again, which will allow you to balance comfort, efficiency and performance, by integrating from the beginning of the project, the necessary components for the variants hybrid.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.