Approved the decree-Care-Italy’s 25 billion euro

Twenty-five billion of fresh money – said the chairman of the Board Giuseppe Conte in the press conference of presentation of the decree, Care-Italy appovato by the council of Ministers – with a series of measures to support and push: an economic maneuver by the powerful”.

The text is spread over five macro-areas. The first is that which concerns the health, with a budget of approximately € 3.5 billion to be allocated to the national health System and Civil Protection.

The second area concerns the defence and support at work and income , and provides something like 10 billion in resources to be allocated to Fund the integration wage, the layoff notwithstanding , and a whole series of other measures such as self-employed persons and freelancers, and families, with the extension of parental leave and of the vouchers for baby-sitting.

The third chapter deals with the system of the credit while in the field of taxation, one speaks of the suspension of the payment obligations of taxes and contributions.

Finally, in the fifth chapter turns to the economic categories directly affected by the crisis, including the transport of goods.