Ferrari, stop two weeks of the production

Firm production of two weeks for the Ferrari: the Coronavirus causes a stop in the factories in Maranello and Modena, starting from 16 march until Friday 27. At the base of this decision there are issues in the supply chain encountered in recent times, which impede the smooth continuation of work. The latch will not affect the employees who in recent weeks have resorted to smart working and the staff that must maintain business continuity, the active rotation.

The employees of Ferrari that won’t work after the stop decided by the house of Maranello will be paid on a regular basis: the stop, therefore, will have no influence on their salary, or even on the vacation you’ve earned. Ferrari do know that the downtime was not due to the pressure of the employees, who, on the contrary, showed a strong attachment to the the company: here, the decision to recognize the entire salary to the workers.

The stop also affects the Sports Management of the Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1. The highest category of motorsport, and we have to remember that should not run until at least early may, after the cancellation of the GP of Australia and references to the date of the Bahrain GP and the GP of Vietnam, postponed as well as the GP of China. The decision of the Ferrari has picked up the acclaim of the trade unions, including the Fim Cisl Emilia Central.

“In a moment like this – said the CEO of Ferrari, Louis Camilleri – my thanks go first of all to the persons of the Ferrari, and with their extraordinary commitment in these last days have demonstrated the attachment and the passion that distinguishes our brand. Together with our suppliers, they ensure the up to now the continuity of the company. It is right in their own respect and for the protection of their own serenity and that of their families, that we have taken this decision. Ferrari has at heart, of course also their customers and their fans, and for them we’ll be ready to a great “restart”.