Coronavirus – The british government asks the companies to produce respiratory

In the emergency coronavirus, the british government has asked automobile manufacturers on the territories to start producing medical equipment and, specifically, breathing to cope with the crisis caused by the pandemic. Among these are the Rolls-Royce, Ford and Honda: the premier Boris Johnson is facing more than 60 stakeholders including companies and organizations, urging them to support the national health service.

Not just machines, but expertise. “The prime minister has made it clear that the answer to the coronavirus requires a national effort”, said a spokesman for Downing Street. Therefore, “asked the manufacturers to address this urgent challenge,” sharing their specific expertise, for example in design, in design, or in the supply of materials, the mere productive force. Many Countries, at this moment, they are trying to buy breathing, a fundamental tool to treat the effects of the virus, in some cases, particularly aggressive on the lungs and respiratory tract of the infected.

Rolls-Royce will do everything. The secretary to the ministry of Health, Matt Hancock, has described as “very enthusiastic” response of the companies. Staying in the automotive, Rolls-Royce – reports Reuters – said to be ready to help in any way they can, while the Ford, which operates two engine plants on the territory, and is assessing the situation. Also the Honda has a factory in Swindon, has been appointed by the government to build breathing. Boris Johnson has asked for help as well at Vauxhall, owned by the PSA group.

Someone has already given you the example. The fight is also against time, because in the next few days, in the United Kingdom, there is a peak of infections. And if the structures which accommodate the sick also in the hotel were available) does not seem to be lacking, the same can’t be said for the support equipment. In this framework, it is not clear how the companies involved can revert so quickly to their production, nor how they can ensure the approval and certifications required for these machines. However, the urgency of the situation is perceived and has also pushed other companies to contribute to the cause. Always in Britain, a small factory of honey and gin of Buckinghamshire (in the south of England), is using his own distillery to churn out hand sanitizer alcohol-based. Staying in the world of the car, however, had made headlines the Byd (the seventh House of the chinese market), to combat the epidemic broke out in Wuhan, had come, producing hundreds of thousands of bottles of disinfectant and about five million masks per day.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.