Nanoprom, from Formula 1 against the Coronavirus

Still the world of F. 1 does not stop the search of the companies that operate in the sector. The Nanoprom, a leading company in the field of nanoparticles, in Barcelona he presented a innovative protective film, the Polysil, is able to reduce the weight, protect the surface of cars, preventing dirt from collecting in and slide better in the air, with an aerodynamic penetration and the best. Starting from this principle, and the desire not to close the plants, but to continue the researches, Gianluca Faletti, the dynamic entrepreneur reggiano, posed a question to his engineers, getting a surprising response: since you talk a lot about Coronavirus and surfaces with the bacteria resist a long time, we can use our products to cut down the presence?

The office of research and development has intensified the studies and the result is that with the Polysil properly treated, the bacterial load was reduced by 85 per cent: “we have Not defeated the coronavirus, says Faletti – but we found a way to decrease the bacterial concentration on the surface, hoping that it will be a step forward to slow down the spread of the virus that remains in contact with various materials.” In the study attached in the photos note how the behavior between a surface normal and one treated different. In the non-treated agglomerate is a unique, full-bodied and tight-fitting; in the treated you can see a lot of droplets to rain (just a way to highlight the different behaviour) that can be swept away faster.

“We started from the basic principle of Polysil, and we have modified it for other needs. We are waiting for the OK of the health care facilities because our goal is to provide and cover all the interiors of the ambulances and we will do it for free. For surfaces in hospitals, much larger to treat, we’ll do it at cost price. We don’t want to earn anything, but we are not able to bear the expense. The others who want to use it at an industrial level, it will be charged as a normal product, the result of the research and development of our sector”.

The Nanoprom work in F. 1 from years supplying materials to some of the top teams that with the ultralight products based on nanoparticles have gained aerodynamic advantages, weight and heat elimination. The company is based in Sant’antonino di Casalgrande, province of Reggio Emilia, and the company has worked for years even with giant Leonardo, taking care of the painting of the Falcon 21 aircraft provided to the group. “Lighten the paint brings a huge advantage in the air force, says Faletti – you save weight and this means less fuel to travel, thus less emissions. With a better aerodynamic penetration and, therefore, a further advantage and cost savings”.