Coronavirus – BMW closes european plants until April 19

The BMW group has decided to suspend for one month the production activities in Europe in the framework of the initiatives to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The bavarian manufacturer has ordered the closure of all of its 12 plants in europe up to the 19th of April, the last day of the period of easter holidays in Germany.

Drastic measures. This is a measure in line with those established by almost all of the largest european companies of the sector due to interruptions of supplies is unfavourable trends in demand: for example, the Volkswagen group has up to now indicated a closing period of at least two weeks, while not excluding the possibility of an extension of the stop. Others may not have provided precise information on the timing of reactivation of the activity by tying the lockouts to the provisions of the various national governments. In the case of the company, present in Spain or France, such as Renault, Ford, PSA group and Nissan.

The position of the BMW. In the present moment “are required solidarity and responsible actions”, said the managing director Oliver Zipse. “The BMW group is responding to the foreseeable development of the demand on the automotive markets, global, adapting this initial phase, the volumes of production and making full use of the wide range of tools available to maximize the flexibility”. Specifically, as indicated by the chairman of the works council Manfred Schoch, the three are the main tools adopted: working time flexibility, smart working and the last company regulation on short-time work (the net income of an employee should amount to at least 93% of the usual amount).

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.