Move in Italy today, Coronavirus: unless otherwise justified and serious form, only in the neighborhood?

If the form download and fill out certain necessary activities such as work and health we have already talked about, it is worth reviewing what they have to say the emergency regulations in force for other activities. When and how you can move, get out of the house to walk in bicycle, to do the shopping rather than activities such as those of motor? It is true that you must not leave the neighbourhood of residence? According to a recent interpretation, and especially following the various complaints of those who have been stopped by the Forces of order emerge of the key points. Are no limits for us that were unimaginable just a few weeks ago that reset the use of many means of transport and limit the mileage drastically, affecting the whole sector of mobility.

The self-certification serves to justify movements such as work, health, status, needs and care, or return home. Other movements such as expenditure and outputs of non-primary necessities (always arbitrary to the demonstration and understanding of all, ndr) are possible only remaining within the area of residence. A area according to some definable not as common and the entire city, but even the district or constituency. It is obvious that the casuistry is very varied, from area to area of Italy, from city to city.

JOGGING AND SHOPPING. The substance is that interpreting the letter of the rules, non us you can go far from home just for the needs of motor activity (e.g. jogging, with or without pets) and purchase of goods. Besides, on the goods should be those actually available at the commercial activity authorised to open in the area. In essence, going to translate that avoid such as a “move as little as possible” shall be assumed that the movements, although permission must be in territories neighbouring. Obviously excluded are the outputs accepted and certified for the work, health or serious needs, such as assistance to people in need (e.g. elderly people).

SANCTIONS. Fines and penalties are from the penal Code: imprisonment up to 3 months or fine up to 206 euros. There is incurred by those who move in the street, by any means, without valid reason. Issue entering in the specific of the one who declares the reasons which are later discovered to be false. The false statement can be punished with imprisonment from one to six years (by committing crimes on the identity and condition of individuals).