F1: summer break early, Ferrari closed from 19 march to 8 April

The Ferrari closes its doors from 19 march to 8 April: communication of the scuderia arrives after the official announcement by the FIA of the decision to anticipate the closure of the factories is expected in the summer break between July and August, the months of march and April. The stop, also, salt from the usual 14 days to 21 days. “The Scuderia Ferrari’s Mission Winnow, like millions of people in Italy and in the world is facing a pandemic that is connected to the virus Covid-19, fully supports the decision taken by the FIA and the Formula 1 to anticipate to now, the traditional period of summer holidays”, reads the statement issued to the press.

As explained in Maranello, telework is already used by the time to respond to theemergency Coronavirus: “The priority of the team has always been the safety of its workers and their families: it is precisely for this already from the days activity in the company in Maranello are suspended by adopting, where possible, the system of the smart working”. “We are disappointed – as are our fans – not being able to be on the track as we have more than 70 years, it is added, but in the face of an event of this scale, the respect of the indications of the authorities and the limitation of each type of activity it is essential to be able to contain the virus in the most effective way.

“We expect that the situation will improve and that you can return to normal daily activities as well as in competitive sports, including motorsports. In the meantime, we are close to all the people that are affected by the virus and those who are on the front line in the fight against it. Distant but united states, the disease may win.” The decision to move the summer break in the rest period forced to the Coronavirus should enable the FIA to enter at least one race extra in the month of August: probably this will be the fate of Zandvoort. For now, the FIA and F1 have done to know to count of being able to start running at the end of may; persistent rumors indicate, however, the GP of Baku, June 7, as the first race of this season’s compressed.