Now in free fall the market of the vehicles towed: a February -18,6%

The emergency current to induce a greater attention to the problems of the sector

The Centre for the Study of unrae managing, the Association of Houses abroad, on the basis of the registration data provided by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, has developed an estimate of the market of Trailers and semi-Trailers with a total mass on land of more than 3.5 t which – for the month of February, 2020, shows a decline of -18,6% compared to February of 2019 (1.052 units registered against 1.292).

“Despite the fact that it arrived in the vicinity of the operational phase of the funding for investments for the year 2019 – says Sandro Cape, the Coordinator of the Group of Trailers, semi-Trailers and their Fitting of unrae managing – the market does not give signs of awakening, and continuing in the fall to two digits. We are going through a period of health crisis that cannot fail to bring, as the first and most evident consequence, to an economic crisis. From the first moments of the emergency, a concern at all theoretical was the one who had guaranteed the supply of medicines and food. From what we understand, never in any part of our Country this has happened, even with the use of double shifts of work by workers in the logistics and transport”.

“An opportunity for the road haulage and distribution – stresses Cape – to draw attention to their function and operation. By the time we go claiming that the road transport of goods is a strategic sector, to support the economy, and we would not have wanted it to be an emergency of this seriousness to make it known and recognize the people and, especially, politics. Let’s hope that the visibility of these days ports greater attention to long-standing problems, and unresolved in the industry, when the life of the Italian will have resumed its normal rates. We hope, therefore, that the Government put in place an industrial policy of transport that gives solid foundation to the development and competitiveness of Italian companies, with a particular eye to the compartment of vehicles fitted with bodies for the transport under controlled temperature, a job critical times like the current ones, since they are primarily designed for the safe transport of food and medicines”.

“In this perspective and with this wish – concludes Cape – we would like to extend to our friends and customers and haulers across the solidarity of our supply chain for the dedication with which they face today the challenge of emergency and always, however, the commitment to keep the logistics system of freight transportation, from international up to the satisfaction of the needs of citizens who cannot visit in person in the shops or in the malls”.

Rome, march 19, 2020

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