The auto industry KO, Trump tends the hand: and in Europe?

Dilemmas on the engine of the car more suitable to buy in 2020? Faded, as certain elements in the air, as the costs of certain ZTL: open and free, so there passes no one.

The car industry is going through a sad phase consolidamente for what may be its greatest crisis cyclical, certainly that less planned, less coordinated. The answers that there are and will be the part of the companies, you will have to marry economic policies and regulatory (environmental and fiscal, just to name two) that will put those necessary supports, those crutches, a supply chain that hobbled. In the knee, if the Coronavirus will continue to this step and this step will continue the reset of activity and mobility all over the globe.

International politics

Looking ahead, because we who are not on medical science but on the front of the car, what we can do, here take the form of scenarios that are diversified. The Covid-19 comes from China, recalls the president, Trump, the success or the difficulties of many auto manufacturers will, instead, from the rooms of the governments local. For now, if you exit from the Covid-Mother-of-Home China, the only one to mention publicly the auto industry to help, is your Donald of the White House: “we will Help the carmaker. You have asked for help, they are not to blame and we will take care of the automotive industry”. It doesn’t say how and how, the White House, but responds to requests that come from Michigan, from the Houses and from the system engineers. The crisis of sales is around the corner for them, as we do, but respond in advance to the american administration, at least in voice. What to put on the plate Trump, for the auto industry? Difficult to predict spells, but certainly not a mix or a strong choice for: exemptions from taxes, subsidies and direct incentives to the industry, or boost sales. Excluding for now the choice is targeted to the rescue, as those of 2008/2009. In the meantime, in the USA, is profiled more or less like us-a closing of the dealers but not the network vehicle repair shops, required for the subsistence of minimum mobility for goods.

Less car more for health care

In the meantime, in the world are growing cases where the companies of the auto world, stop by the Covid-19, remain operative by converting where possible the production. Well-known examples in Italy we have, but also elsewhere, prossimanente. Especially for the lack of systems from icu, supposed to respiration. It seems the same as the English, before the “superior” on certain measures to narrow like Italian ones, are going to ask for the availability of Jaguar Land Rover, owned by indian Group Tata. Obvious that the virtuous examples of this type, a Ferrari that produces materials useful to the health emergency, they will be rewarded by popular opinion and by Governments.