A Volkswagen Bulli from the heart green

For SALE – The division of the brand Volkswagen that deals with commercial vehicles presented the version of the power of the Bullies in the 60’s. L’e-Bullies, realized in collaboration with the German eClassic (expert in conversions), has been obtained with a painstaking process of retrofitting (adding new technology to a classic car); the donor is a T1 Samba produced in 1966, it was fully restored and equipped with an electric motor of the German house. The eClassics has scheduled the sale of the eBulli that is offered at a price of 64.900€.

AUTONOMY OF 200 KM – The original boxer engine, four cylinder, 44 HP has given place to an electric engine Volkswagen 83 BHP which has a torque of 212 Nm and transmits the drive to the rear axle. The maximum speed of the Volkswagen e-Bullies, self-limited, is 130 km/h. To power the electric motor are a battery, lithium-ion, 45 kWh (which is mounted under the floor), which ensures 200 km, and which can be recharged in continuous current through the connector of the CCS up to 50 kW of power (can be charged to 80% in about 40 minutes) or ac power up to 22 Kw. The comfort of the Volkswagen Bulli the original has been improved thanks to the introduction of the suspension multi-link with shock absorbers adjustable. The addition of four disc brakes and a new steering system improves safety and responsiveness.

TOUCHES OF MODERNITY – the aesthetics of The vw e-Bulli is that of the original model; the German designer you are limited to add headlights and taillights to led and a new paint two-tone orange and white. Also the interior has been kept original; they have been improved finishes, through the introduction of materials of better quality, as the leather for the seats and solid wood floor. Also new is the shift lever. The speedometer remained the original, but has been enriched by a mini two-digit display that provides some information as well as autonomy. The music on board is transmitted from the radio from the retro look, but is equipped with modern technologies such as DAB+, Bluetooth, and USB input. There is also the possibility to manage the vehicle remotely via a special application for smartphones, which allows you to see certain information such as the charging status.