Bridge of Genoa, Launched the most recent maxi-span

Nononstante the emergency coronavirus, another crucial step for the construction of the new bridge in Genoa is completed. In the evening of yesterday, Sunday 22nd march, was passed the third and final span of the new viaduct replaces the Morandi, collapsed on the 14th of August of 2018, causing 43 deaths.

Complex operation. The structure of 100 metres, which has led to 800 the total length of the spans, was raised within 48 hours by a team of 50 people. Given the strategic connotations of the work for the region of Liguria, technicians and workers of the Fincantieri shipyard Infrastructure have been able to work despite the restrictions imposed by the last Prime minister of the government to contain the outbreak. In the face of a health crisis in the course, however, additional security measures have been taken to protect the workers involved in the undertaking.

The “big” is done. With the launch of the third maxi-span has arrived, in the space of little more than a month, to no avail, almost 80% of the entire structure expected by the project of Renzo Piano. At the completion of the bridge is missing now five spans shorter, 50 metres each, and other minor parts, including the shoulders and the new ramp. The reopening of the viaduct is scheduled for June.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.