On Quattroruote-April – Dossier coronavirus, here’s how the car deals with the contagion of global

The MTA Codogno (Lodi) is a company of car components that works for many big groups of the sector, such as FCA, PSA, BMW and Renault: trovatasi in the center of the first red zone set up for the emergency coronavirus, he first stopped the activity, then he could take her in slowly. But if its electromechanical systems do not extend to the factories and manufacturers around the world, from China to Brazil, from Italy to Morocco, the car may not be finished and the plants you come to a stop. An exemplary history, that we wanted to tell on Quattroruote of April , because it helps to understand how the “assembly line” of the car is now on a planetary scale; to this we have added analysis of some of the models that shows how the dependency of the Houses from the produced components at the other end of the planet, where often the suppliers have relocated their plants, total, in the times in which the just-in-time, which eliminates stocks of required parts and assembly – became the rule. All this, together with the block of the movement of persons, will have serious consequences on the market of the car and on the networks of sale, as is confirmed by the forecasts, while temporary workers interviewed. As mentioned, the dossier coronavirus is on Quattroruote-April, soon on newsstands.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.