Delivery car, Geely China, the keys to arriving at the house with the drone

The long wave of coronavirus, although it is less incumbent on chinese citizens, has, however, influenced the styles of life and modes of relationship with the trade and purchases in general. The manufacturer Geely – also owner of Volvo and Lotus – had launched the February 10, own unpublished system of sales that allowed, even in the situation of quarantine, to finalize the orders online for various types of cars, allowing you to customize the specifications of the vehicle, the financing and the insurance online, as well as offer the ability to get a home delivery. Geely Auto announced now and has improved its delivery system ‘contactless’ – that avoids that is, the vicinity between people – at home or in the office. The final stage of the process is the delivery of the keys, will be carried out with drones, so as to avoid any chances of infection. Since the platform was launched were 10,000 consumers have ordered and paid for car Geely, passing first from the e-commerce site and then manage orders to local retailers which is entrusted with the process of home delivery. In this context, all the cars Geely will be thoroughly disinfected from the dealership, also through ionization, before delivery, to ensure customers shopping experience is absolutely secure. Geely has launched, at the end of February, the Icon that is the first vehicle manufactured in series equipped with antibacterial filters and anti-virus.