Guarantor strikes, withdraw immediately to stop gas stations

Revoke immediately the abstention proclaimed by the gas stations starting tomorrow. Thus, the Commission of guarantee of the implementation of the law on strikes in essential public services, which calls on “the trade unions FAIB Confesercenti, FEGICA Cisl, FIGISC ANISA Confcommercio, to immediately revoke the abstention, giving timely communication to the Commission”. “It remains understood that the Commission will ensure that, following the eventual opening of the assessment process, any other violation that may arise,” warns the Guarantor in a note, reiterating the “firm invitation to all the trade unions, until march 30, 2020, since the state of emergency epidemiological declared on the national territory, due to the spread of the virus COVID-2019, not to engage in strikes involving essential public services, since they would only aggravate the condition of the citizens.”