Also in Italy you experience the ” buffer “drive-through”

The system was adopted first in the asian countries most affected, and then also in the USA, where a car is virtually a mandatory choice, and there is great availability of parking spaces very wide. But also in Italy and it is starting to do the swab “drive-through”.

It is a system, to carry out the test on the positivity of the Covid-19 in the appropriate control points on the remaining drive, which allows you to avoid the health care shifts to home, keep away from hospitals as much people as possible and to be faster in the collection of data on citizens who are most at risk.

As employees of the health service, pharmacists, cashiers of supermarkets, Fire Brigade and police and all those who are moving from home are more exposed to the risk of being infected. The result is then communicated to the phone of the person subjected to the examination.

The governor of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, one of the regions in which you started the “buffer board”, with some centers of Emilia Romagna and the Marche “is expected the buffer to a random sample on the street, but it serves as insight into the statistical community”. The survey is in progress for those who are headed to Treviso hospital, but is expected to extend the model on larger areas.

A few days ago for testing with the check point is the game in Bologna, San Lazzaro. The health initiative of the local health boards have done a swab every five minutes, 12 per hour, a pace that allows you to increase the ability to perform pads by rationalising at the same time, the use of the professional resources and devices for protection of health care workers involved.