BMW Group, support elimination of racial discrimination

(CarCar) – MILAN, 25 MAR – The Bmw group celebrates the Day
United Nations international for the elimination of
racial discrimination. On the 21st of march, the German group
he has taken a position to promote greater tolerance and
co-existence with a new movie spread on social media. “The
employees of more than 120 countries around the world – law
in the note published – work together with success at the BMW
Group: people of different cultures, with visions of the world and
different religious beliefs. Working in teams, on a global level,
developing creative ideas and innovative solutions for the mobility
for a sustainable future”. For BMW, the knowledge of languages and
different cultures not only reflects the global work environment,
but it is also crucial in the competition for new markets,
customers and young qualified talent. “Diversity is at the base
to our success, ” commented Ilka Horstmeier, a Member of
the Board of Management of BMW AG, – and a work environment
free of prejudices, combined with a respectful coexistence,
are important requirements for this”. In 2011, the company has
initiated a partnership with the UN Alliance of Civilizations
(UNAOC) to promote international dialogue and the
intercultural understanding. The partnership awards projects
innovative with the Intercultural Innovation Award. The goal is to
allow for local initiatives to expand platforms
international so that they can contribute to a greater
prosperity and tolerance in the society. Initiatives
recognized by the #BMW Group and UNAOC have already supported 3,6
million people in 112 countries around the world. “With
UNAOC – commented always Ilka Horstmeier – we want to attract
the focus on intercultural projects all over the world and
enrich the company with new and innovative ideas. In addition to the support
financial, we offer the winners the possibility of
take advantage of the key competences of the BMW Group to develop with
the success of their projects”.