Changan UNI-T: the technological leap

LOOK EUROPEAN – they Seem to be finished the times in which the drive westerners looked down on china’s. In fact, there are always more example models, so advanced that does not really look out of place in a dealer in europe. One of these is the Changan Uni-T, mid-size suv, which should debut at the auto show in Geneva. For one thing, it look nice furnishings: stand out are the subtle led running lights, the grille pierced and the black inserts on the sides, which conceal the main headlights. No less distinctive is the side, characterized by a reduced glass surface and the sloping roof towards the stringy tail. In short, a mature product that no doubt has benefited from the presence of the style centre, the Changan owns in Turin.

SECURITY TOP – Long-451 cm, 2 more than the Volkswagen Tiguan, the Changan Uni-T is pleasant also to the inside, and conveys a certain impression of sportiness: the merit of the thick center tunnel and console, slightly oriented towards the driver. Also the digital dashboard and the touch screen of 10,25”, at more and more frequent to find among the suvs in the category. What is surprising is the technological equipment than many european rivals, with the guidance of a level 3 (watch the video below), in which the car can perform independently certain maneuvers without the help of the driver, which, however, must be ready to take control if the situation requires.

NEW ENGINES – there are still No official information but, judging according to the advances, the Changan Uni-T should adopt the new petrol engine family, the Blue Whale: they are 1.5-to 2.0-liters.