Coronavirus: Mercedes Italy, guaranteed urgent repairs

In accordance with the provisions of the Italian Government, and of the rules on health and safety at work imposed by the emergency Covid-19, Mercedes-Benz continues to ensure the urgent repairs to its customers, with priority to vehicles dedicated to the transport of goods and those needed in the management of the crisis and to the present, the supply of spare parts to the garage network. The Italian division of the mark of the Star has in fact decided to reorganize its network in the whole national territory with the priority to ensure the mobility of people and vehicles involved in emergency Coronavirus.

“Our task today is to ensure the mobility and operation of emergency vehicles and to continue to provide the services essential and urgent for our Italian customers, giving absolute priority to those involved in the emergency: by emergency vehicles to those intended for the transport of goods and goods of first necessity, – said Radek Jelinek, President of Mercedes-Benz Italy – For this, we have suspended all the activities of ordinary maintenance, dedicating all the forces in the field to the most urgent interventions.

At the same time, we continue to assist all our customers, through the service Mercedes-Benz Service24″.

In the management of the service remains as a strategic Logistics Centre, European Capena (Rome), which distributes the spare parts in Italy, including day-to-day organized of the three-pointed Star.

“The Logistical Centre of the European Capena is now more essential than ever to respond in the shortest possible time to the needs of spare parts on the territory of the stressed Radek Jelinek – The heart of the system, after-sales, which is now reorganized to ensure continuity of supplies and, at the same time, the health and safety of our employees is our absolute priority”.