Coronavirus: Tuscany, sleigh 30/6 payment car tax

There will be more time to pay the car tax in Tuscany: who would have had to do so by 31 march, 30 April or 30 may, will be able to pay the amount due without penalties and interest by June 30. The deferral of payment terms has been decided by the regional board, which met today.
“We have moved – explains in a note the commissioner to the financial statements of Tuscany, Vittorio Bugli – in harmony with the measures of the government that, in view of the emergency Coronavirus, has decided the suspension of the obligations and payments tax: a measure that it wants to contain the effects of the economic side of the pandemic that is in progress.” The measure does not prohibit to pay the stamp duty within the previous deadline, if one wants to.
Those who have already done so, you can not ask for the refund of the amount already paid.