Ford F-150: some parts will be intended for respiratory

For a few weeks, even the auto industry has rallied together to give support to the companies-manufacturers of medical devices whose production has been shifted massively in China.

In the USA, Ford is partnering with 3M and General Electrics Healthcare to put in place a helmet, a respirator with air filtration system to be allocated to the health personnel and workers to prevent the risk of infection from Covid-19.

In particular, we will use some components such as the fan system ventilated seats of the pick-up best-selling Ford F-150 that can be used to make a model of respirator the 3M. Some of the factories of the House of the Blue Oval in Michigan can be used to help 3M to increase the number of units produced.

To proceed as quickly as possible, the teams from Ford and 3M have identified the parts ready-to-use as well as the battery packs of portable tools for the food these respirators for a maximum of eight hours.

In addition, Ford and GE Healthcare are collaborating to expand the production of a simplified version of the design of the fan in the existing GE Healthcare to support patients with respiratory failure or difficulty breathing, caused by Coronavirus. These fans may be manufactured in a production site for Ford, in addition to a home the GE.

In the meantime, the design team USES Ford is quickly creating and starting to test face shields for health workers and first responders. The face shields completely block the face and eyes from accidental contact with liquids and, if associated with respiratory N95, may be a more effective way to limit the potential exposure to the virus.

The first 1,000 face shields will be tested this week in the hospitals of Detroit Mercy, Henry Ford Health Systems and Detroit Medical Center Sinai-Grace. It is expected that approximately 75,000 of these shields will be completed this week,while more than 100,000 a week, which will be produced in the factories of subsidiary of Ford, Troy Design and Manufacturing, Plymouth.