Gas stations, the trade unions: “Nobody strike. Missing liquidity.”

No one strike was proclaimed. Managers want to ensure the service, but they are exhausted and they fear they will not be able to continue in their activities for lack of liquidity. For this fear they will be forced to close due to “force majeure”: so reads a statement issued to the press by associations of distributors, Faib (Cofesercenti), Fegica (Cisl) and Fegisc/Anisa (Confcommercio).

“This does not mean that our Federations have reason to believe that the Managers, alone, in the absence of immediate intervention of support, are not longer in the condition to withstand, both in terms of health and on the economic level, the burden must, in this dramatic situation, to ensure the continuity and regularity of the service is essential which is spoken about here”, continues the trade unions expressing the difficulties of the operators in the sector during theemergency COVID-19.

“For this, taking account of the silence, the indifference and inertia of the Government, competent Ministries, motorway operators and the oil companies, it was not possible to be silent about what is likely, if not inevitable, that it happens”, explain the trade unions, adding, “We along with the Managers of our associates will strive to remain open, not to close”. Finally, Faib, Fegica and Figisc/Anisa ask the Authorities “to carry out an action of mediation vis-à-vis the Government, in the interest shared in order to safeguard the regular supply of the public service”.