Header dummy for 633 cars, two complaints to Naples

More than 600 vehicles, also used by the crime, in the name of supposedly being: for this they were denounced by a man and a woman, and have taken administrative sanctions for more than 340 thousand. The traffic Police of Naples with the notification of 633 reports, has concluded an investigation that began in November 2019.
Everything is born from a control of a driver of a Fiat Panda on the ring road of Naples, which he used to evade the toll; when he was stopped he said he bought the car, about two years before, by the owner of a company selling used cars in Castel Volturno (Caserta). From the investigation it emerged that the owner, in competition with other persons, had created a company in order to register fictitiously vehicles, by signing acts in the place of a convict of Torre Annunziata, with residence in Rimini, the formal administrator. From inspections carried out by the data bank M. c.t.c. it emerged that the company was the holder of fictitious, well-633 vehicles.