#iorestoacasa – The car at the time of the coronavirus: here are your stories

At the cost of the touch of the banal, is it really true that you realize how important a thing only in the moment in which you lose the. Constraints on the personal mobility imposed by the emergency coronavirus, in fact, is causing many to reflect on many aspects of their existence, relocating the weights and priorities that before you took for granted. There have been telling their readers, thanks to the stories in the sign of#iorestoacasa that we are sending to the address [email protected].

The new car stops the virus. Roberto Patuasso of Turin would like to make a trip out of town with the Audi Q2 new, withdrawn just before the lockdown. “I have it for a few weeks and am forced, for the due observance of the rules, not to use it. I had time to take it for a spin in the bypass, and a souvenir photo in a park. Now my contact with the Q2 is only visual: not more than a few hours a week. I hope, in the best of times, to be able to make a trip to the beach, to enjoy the pleasure of driving my car”.

Locked in the dealership. There is, however, who does not even have had the good fortune of andarsela to take, the car. As Angel Cabra (has not told us from where he writes), that he once bought a Mazda CX-30: after the registration, the block of asset had to skip withdrawal. And now, the reader is waiting for someone to communicate something.

The consolation of the electric. The car, in short, is part of our daily lives, and also in times such as these, woe to them (without, as stressed by Giulio Torzini of Florence: on the 16th of January, the player has withdrawn a brand new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer plug-in “Tuesday, march 10,” he explains, “I use the car only to bring my father to the outpatient clinic of the Careggi, Florence, for of the controls to foot, and to go to a grocery store to do the shopping. The only consolation is knowing that I walk the route in electric”.

Waiting for the repair. Other times, the coronavirus can be a source of great trouble. Gianluca Antolini writes us from Casalpusterlengo, in the basso lodigiano, the first red area of Italy. “I am the proud owner of an Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.2 AT8,” says Gianluca to Quattroruote. “One day, while we were closed in the red zone, I decide to go out for shopping. Once at the destination, I notice a light white smoke that comes out from the hoses, and feel a strong smell of burning. I climb in the car and I try to turn it back on, but the car does not ride motorcycles and taking various warning lights failure. How do I do that? I live confined, like my colleagues, and I have no one to ask for help. So, reluctantly, I leave the Giulia to the street to recover it only on the 9th of march. In the independent workshop where the patient, they recommend me to take it to the official network. And here begins the ordeal. The dealership has not, for obvious reasons, the personal and can not repair it in a short time. The second accepts it, but does not have a courtesy coach. Moral of the story: is the 23 marzoe not I still have the car. Worse still, I have no news of what will be of her.”

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.