Lamborghini V12 RACING TEAM | The HYPERCAR by 2020, with 830 HP!

New teaser for the Lamborghini V12 Racing Team. The hypercar that will debut during the 2020 was also confirmed in this new video car extreme, as close as possible to a real race car, but without you claim to be: it will not be in fact designed around a specific regulation, but will comply with annex J of the Fia in terms of safety for the body (without roll bar) and this will allow you to be more lightweight and therefore more efficient in terms of performance.

Suspension racing, especially at the rear where the suspension arms, struts and shock absorbers are working directly on the gearbox with front couplings (6-speed) Xtrac but also a new way for the V12, v60° from the 6.5-liter capable of delivering the beauty of 830 HP at a speed of approximately 9,000 rpm. An engine that ten years on from its launch, confirming its essence in a new way that finally feels free of the “trappings” homologation / to offer sound performance and drivability.

A real race car, in other words, with the difference that the customer racing will only sell it and not let it run since there is no commitment to sport for you: it will be a collector’s item produced in a few tens of units or even a real car for track-day special the result of the experience sport of the House of Sant’agata (3 times winner of the 24h of Daytona) and technical the Lamborghini in this project, they wanted to put all the best of their know-how going to represent the new pinnacle of the company.

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