Maurizio Reggiani: The V12 Racing Team is dedicated to those who ask for unique emotions and special

Lamborghini is now ready for the launch of the new V12 Racing Team, hypercar cancellation of the approval for the road to offer the maximum in terms of handling and sensations from the V12 engine. A special car that has been developed according to the experience of the company of Sant’agata in travels for customers who want the maximum. Her, we talk to Maurizio Reggiani, the Technical Director of Automobili Lamborghini.

Who is dedicated to the new V12 Racing Team?
“We have thought about the wishes of our customers that they can have it all. From our side there is always the limit of the car homologated, which does not allow to give the maximum. So we have decided to offer them the best possible on the basis of the V12 giving up to approval but creating an object of racing is extremely special and fast. A great machine.”

It is true that he has the approval of the FIA GT?
“The first carbon monocoque homologated FIA GT without the rollcage inside. It is certified to meet all the annex J of the FIA, without the aid of the steel tubes.”

It is the first time that happens?
“Yes, this is the first time. Carbon is carbon and we have exploited very well.”

The V12 Engine. From 770 to 830 HP. It’s a significant improvement! How many rounds ago?
“To get to 830 HP, we worked on the engine with targeted interventions. We are about 9.000 rpm in terms of rotation speed, with gas response and sound very engaging.”

Like the Aventador, the V12 Racing Team will be made entirely in Sant’agata?
“Yes, it is a machine in which everything is made from Lamborghini’s Sant’agata. Only for you. It is the “pinnacle” of our lineup of product.”

There is a competitor for a product like this?
“There is a competitor. Our goal is to set new standards. We want it to be approved by the FIA but not to do the races but to go on the track with the maximum safety and the maximum performance possible with an engine as exceptional as this. It will be the most exciting on the market.”

If you were to say three goodies of this project?
“We have a gearbox Xtrac with front couplings fast, actually racing, an aerodynamic born to be racing, and then with the vertical loads awesome (said it 3 times, ed!) and with the only rear-wheel drive. It is the first time that our V12 has this solution.”

The Sixth Element is comparable to this in terms of sophistication?
“The Sixth Element was V10 and all-wheel drive. This, however, is something more because it has performance and technical difference, even if only because of the single rear-wheel drive. So, yes, the Sixth Element was extreme, but this will be still more!”

How do you do it?
“A few dozen copies, no more.”