Murray T. 50: the secrets of aerodynamics

WITH THE RACING POINT – In anticipation of the presentation, scheduled in may (deliveries from 2022), the Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) is taking forward the development of the hypercar Murray T. 50, coupe hybrid which they were disseminated new information. The technicians of the WFD, coordinated by the former designer of Formula 1, Gordon Murray, have worked in the past few weeks at the wind tunnel of the scuderia Racing Point of Formula 1, where they tested a small-scale model of the car. The objective was to assess the effectiveness of the developed system of the aerodynamic active, considered to be the most advanced ever for a car on the road.

There IS THE FAN – The Murray T. 50 does not have flashy spoiler to increase visually the streamlined bodywork, because it has a fan 40 cm to the rear, which sucks the air streams are channelled in the upper and lower part of the body: the ground effect increases with speed, and this makes the car more stuck to the road. Murray had already explored this solution with the single-seater Brabham BT46B Formula 1 in 1978. The designers have taken care of in particular, the design of the bottom of the body, where there are special ducts to direct the flow of air toward the back; from here, a part of the air reaches the engine for cooling. The fund is so well optimized that they do not need large side skirts to contain the air.

FOUR MODES – The hypercar is also fitted with appendices of furniture in the rear, which are activated automatically in the Auto mode, to improve the qualities and directions of the Murray T. 50, and the Braking to reduce the stopping: the flaps that raise and oppose resistance to the advancement, therefore, the hypercar is shut down from 240 km/h ten metres before a car that is no. The driver can select the other four modes: High Downforce, which makes the fan and the appendices at the rear, to increase the motility of 30%; the Streamline, to reduce the resistance to progress and to reach the maximum speed; the Test, to enable the car is stationary, which gives a demonstration of system of active aerodynamics; and Vmax, similar to the Streamline but with the entry into function of the electric motor (that drives the fan).

HAS THE MANUAL TRANSMISSION – you push the Murray T. 50 there is in fact a hybrid system, composed by an all-new naturally aspirated engine V12 4.0 650 HP, able to reach the 12,100 rpm developed together with Cosworth, is the motor road with the highest speed of rotation. In the past few days has carried out the first tests on the test bench in the experimental version with only 3 cylinders (in the video below). An additional 30 HP, available for a maximum of 3 minutes, shall be made available by the Integrated Starter Generator, a starter motor with the function of motogeneratore powered by a battery to 48 volts, which is connected to the crankshaft of the 12 cylinders. Accomplices the weight of 980 kg, dictated by the compact size (it is long and 440 cm), and the 6-speed gearbox, the Murray T. 50 will be a unique car, capable of satisfying even the most experienced riders.

Visit the new Gordon Murray Automotive website to learn about the 3-cylinder development engine and its progression to the full #Cosworth AMG V12.

— Gordon Murray Design (@PlanetGMD) March 23, 2020