Porsche, ready to start the championship in the virtual Esports

(CarCar) – MILAN, 25 MAR – Back competitions
automotive virtual badged Porsche. The series
the virtual race, which was launched just by the automaker
German, is ready to reopen its doors under the new name of
‘Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup’, I saw the entrance to the new
sponsor, in addition to a prize pool that reaches the sum
of 200 thousand dollars for the next season. The championship
automotive esports brand was launched by Porsche in
2019 with iRacing, the biggest provider of simulations
realistic in the context of car racing online. Phoenix
championship virtual was Italy, that was already two years ago,
he inaugurated the ‘Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Italia’, the
the first single-brand virtual parallel to the real contest was born
in 2018 a collaboration between Porsche Italia, Ak Informatica
and its technology partners. “The car competition
esports”, explained Kjell Gruner, Vice President of Marketing
Porsche AG – will allow many fans of our
brand of live an exciting experience and the ‘Porsche TAG
Heuer Esports Supercup is our most important
dedicated to car racing virtual. After a debut
extremely successful in 2019, we are about to start the second
season with a partner very strong at our side. TAG Heuer,
a brand with a strong tradition, will help consolidate
further the popularity of the initiative esports racing
the most famous in the world.” Last season, the australian
Josh Rogers won the championship after the final against the
German Maximilian Benecke. The third and fourth place are
classified, respectively, the british Sebastian Job and the
american Mitchell deJong. The four best riders of the
the season pass will also participate in the championship of
this year, along with 36 other participants. The program of the
Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup 2020 provides for the introduction
more circuits for the championship. You will start the next 28
march with a test pre-season at the Circuit de
Barcelona-Catalunya, which has hosted the competition
in the fall of 2019.