Revisions: in 2019, spent 960 million euros

Car review, operation entered by now between the usual ones for the Italian motorist: as counted by the Osservatorio Autopromotec, the research structure of the homonymous exhibition in bologna is dedicated to the equipment and in the automotive aftermarket, in 2019 in Italy were spent 960 million euros for the audit activities at the workshops authorised private.

A figure imposing, which, in turn, is divided into 646 million, collected directly from the facilities enabled the review and 314 million have entered into the government coffers in the form of VAT and other taxes.

The total amount of 2019 is equal to +2.8% with respect to 2018, growth is due exclusively to the increase in the number of vehicles called in to review (for the record, grown by 2.8%), since there have been changes to the rate established for the revisions (firm since 2007, to 45 euro) or for the charges (TAX, rights for the Engines and the postal bulletin).

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The processing of the Osservatorio Autopromotec also splits the expenditure on a regional basis: to record the amount, the greater the Lombardy region, with respectively 156.4 million euros (equal to 16.3% of national expenditure), followed by Lazio (90 million), Veneto (87 million), Emilia Romagna (77 million) and Campania (€76 million); in these five regions account for more than half (50.7%) of national expenditure.

In the tail of the list, there are Basilicata (9.4 million), Molise (5.4 million) and Valle d’aosta (2.5 million).

The revision of the motor vehicle, as he points out the Osservatorio Autopromotec is an important tool for the proper maintenance of the fleet: the work of revision, in fact, allows to verify the safety conditions and the level of polluting emissions of vehicles, so as to attest to their fitness for circulation on the road.

Control mandatory provisions of the Code of the Street, the review must be carried out the first face after four years from the first registration of the vehicle and thereafter every two years.

Remember, finally, that in the context of the activities of contrast to the spreading of the Covid-19 decided by the Council of Ministers, enter in the Decree “Care in Italy”, there is also the provision that extended the deadline of the revision: the second paragraph 4 of art. 92, “is authorised until 31 October 2020, the movement of vehicles to be submitted by 31 July 2020 in the activities of the visit and the test referred to in articles 75 and 78 of the Code of the Street, or to the activities of the review referred to in article 80 of the same code”.

Therefore, all the deadlines from now to the 31st of July that relate to these practices are postponed to next October 31, 2020.