Skoda: the new centre for the crash test

MORE STRINGENT standards – by virtue of the entry into force at the beginning of 2020, the new conditions of the EuroNCAP, which imposes tests more stringent, the Skoda has opened a new centre dedicated to crash tests. The center, along more than 180 metres from the surface is double compared to the past), will also be used for other vehicles of the Volkswagen Group.

Coming on STRONG – The heart is the system of electric driving which can speed up the entire length of the path of two vehicles with a total weight of 3.5 tonnes up to a maximum speed of 65 km/h (or a single heavy vehicle (up to 3.5 tons up to 120 km/h). There is also the device that accelerates the car to simulate a side impact against a pole, simulator, roll-over static, fixed obstacles, or offset, the barriers for impacts to the rear and the ability to conduct impact between two vehicles with the measurement of all the forces in the game.

ELECTRIC PART – there IS a separate area dedicated to electric vehicles (which will be expanded in the course of the next few years), equipped with specific equipment to assess any damage to the batteries. To perform the crash tests are used in nine mannequins that simulate the features of an adult and four that reproduce the body of children, placed in the passenger compartment (to ensure the correct position they are exploited for the optical sensors, and photogrammetry).

QUALITY FOOTAGE – All of the crash tests are filmed from twenty fixed cameras and thirty internal high-speed and high-resolution. To get the best video quality, a lighting system, a dedicated led ensures a luminous power of 100,000 lux, thus allowing a saving of energy of 40% compared to conventional lighting.