The issue car tax 2020 towards a solution that “save” motorists and businesses? Still no, but the path is the right one. The suggestions UNASCA

In this difficult time for all economic activity, but in particular to the world of mobility, and each related sector, there is much talk of Stamp duty, car , and interests of motorists who are put in crisis by restrictions for Covid-19. The automotive industry and, in particular, the normal daily practices of the transport, are not in first place in the measures taken by the government of a health emergency. To give voice is a proactive towards the institutions, for this the front, was also UNASCA, the National Union of Driving schools and Consulting firms for automotive. We talked about it recently on our pages (link), but the situation is changing constantly and who, then, best of specialists can clarify the ideas?

UNASCA is acronym perhaps little-known, but that includes a crucial part for the world of cars, two-wheelers and even boats. In fact, it speaks of the so-called agency or “praticauto” term confidential that actually sees the members UNASCA divided into Driving schools, Nautical Schools and Consulting firms for Automotive. The institution was founded in 1967 and has a population of 3,000 subscribers and carries out almost 90% of the so-called “formalities” for vehicles and boats in Italy. There are over 11 million users served and consultations practices of the door, by agencies participating UNASCA ranging from small business to the province, to the great reality structured capable of managing the endless daily practices for large fleets of company cars. They are, for decades, that “private hands” in aid of the motorist in speeding up its relationship with the PA, if you are talking about practical cars, working in parallel with the Dmv.

To better explain the situation to the collection of stamps, car 2020, and the point of view of these companies, for which an estimate of a induced by 45,000 people at work, Yvonne Guarnerio, the National Secretary of the field studies consulting UNASCA.

The italians now want to understand how it will be put to the payment of Stamp duty, car 2020, but in the decree of Care, Italy, reference is made to the vehicle tax. A simple forgetfulness, or has been left autonomy to the individual regions? “We don’t know, but the risk that the Regions and the autonomous Provinces to go in order is concrete. Citizens have difficulty and our services on the territory of the see. The Government also have another think about health, now, but you will then have to adjust to our industry. Among other things, there are also some Regions in the autonomous, where the collection was to be the prerogative of the State.”

In these days Piemonte, Emilia Romagna and Lombardia were the first regions to raise the tax, car due in the next few months: he believes that other governments will make a choice similar? “We be surprised of the contrary, they may not be nationals and citizens of the serie B. Now we arrive, some after a few days, but and due. Soon they would have to do also the Veneto”.

Il Segretario Nazionale dell’Unione Nazionale Autoscuole e Studi di Consulenza automobilistica, Yvonne Guarnerio

The National Secretary of the National Union of Driving schools and Consulting firms in the automobile, Yvonne Guarnerio

In addition to the slippage that defers the deadline for the payments in expiration, there is some extent that you feel to suggest to the regions? “Yes, the Regions may consider adopting a payment of the amount due. It is a help to all but in particular for those who use vehicles industrial, which will pay the amounts fixed very high, but it depends on local authorities”.

It is true that the systems adopted by Lombardy and Piedmont diverge from the rest of Italy and the deadlines in question relate to a greater number of taxpayers? “Yes, we confirm, have been working for several years in these two Regions the expiry of the stamp coincides with the month of registration of the vehicle, therefore, every month there is a significant number of tax due with less concentrations of payments as compared to other regions, where the maturities are concentrated in some periods of the year, for example, in the month of January.”

The maturities of the next few months will be significant in terms of numbers? ”The deadlines of march and April are relatively small, each about 6% and over of the fleet, but by the end of may there is a maturity that is very important, which concerns, among others, the owners of trucks and commercial vehicles.

That type of user would be interested in? “The tax car covers virtually all the families and the entire production system and business, large or small businesses ”.

In addition to the payment of the car tax, you follow the other practices, you will have immediately noted the various corrective measures to be put in place for this phase of the emergency. “Of course, we know that other priorities are, as said, but if this sector is not considered to generate serious problems on compliance as revisions of the work vehicles, or renewals of sheets via which allow the circulation of the same. But, I wonder, how do the practices to be regular with the public offices closed? It has been recognized for an extension to the 31st of may for some implementations, but lacks the tax car that touches on all of the people”.

Behold, people: but the car tax I pay it all, and in time the italians? “I have to admit that unfortunately there are still too many people who do not pay. Several reasons, some times of serious difficulty. Just about this “discomfort”, the Piedmont was the first region to institute the payment of the stamps arrears, whose payment is possible, mainly thanks to the private network of agencies. This measure, among other things, helps users not to trigger an administrative detention on the car. Now in our consulting, we help the citizens to manage the stamps due until 2017 which may be paid by dividing the amount in 30 installments”.