Volkswagen reduces the working time of 80,000 employees

The group Volkswagen has scheduled work shifts reduced to about 80,000 employees in Germany, after the pandemic coronavirus has forced the manufacturer to put in stand-by the network of european factories. In Germany, (and in any special conditions such as in this case) when a worker sees a reduction in working hours with a consequent decrease of wages, the state will pay a part.

According to a spokesperson for the group, the reduced timetable will be in force in the factories of Lower Saxony, Hessen, and Saxony, and will last at least until 3 April. For the group are the brands Audi, Porsche, and the division means heavy MAN. Volkswagen will support economically the concessionaires of the group, with the additional liquidity, while offering the possibility to delay payments and to provide loans in an easier way. In general, Volkswagen is reducing or stopping the work in all european countries, while in China, starting from a few days ago, the activities are timidly starting.