WRC 2020. Hyundai Motorsport “Garage Clean-Up” for #iorestoacasa

Alzenau, Germamia, 25 March. We start from HERE. Be smart workers when you usually have to do with the slopes, circuits, dirt tracks, roadbook, special tests and the stopwatch is not at all easy. Already the idea to propose a version and-game of Formula 1 curious and it does turn up their nose at the same time, the most “proven” right, the Axis of the car. They are quite happy to get… in the game but it is already stressed to the idea that a pischello unknown, but talented, and “trained”, may put them in trouble and for the sedan on the network. It is true that, today, we often talk about Drivers who grow up in apartments-laboratory living protein fast and simulator, but “obviously” it’s one thing to play for… get serious, and another play to play.

However, Hyundai Motorsport has had an idea that to call it brilliant is an understatement, “carina” almost snob. I, who are above all suspicion, I find it sensational. I don’t know if all, engineers, technicians, in particular telemetrists and analysts were put to the whip by Andrea Adam, is the fact that the announcement and the blessing of “Garage Clean-Up” comes from Alzenau, the base and headquarters of the Team Hyundai Motorsport and the voice of its Director, Adam in fact.

Garage Clean-Up is a game. A variation on the theme of the “classic” Bubble Shooter (I hope you call it so). Has no special demands from the point of view of “technical”, it does not require seats custom or structures, and elevation of specific. Computer, or smartphone, or network. Stop. Contains without any doubt an important message, and that is that these days we have a golden opportunity to rediscover, rediscovering ourselves with patience, to find things simple, basic, and equally compelling. Garage Clean-Up, especially in this sense, it seems to me particularly sdrammatizzante, addicting.

Refers to Adam: “With the Rally of Portugal and Italy Sardinia both returned, now can you help me to clean up in the garage. You can do it from your home. You are safe, stay home until there will be possible to return to the Rally!”

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