Bosch Vivalytic, testers, automatic quick diagnosis Covid-19

Only six weeks of work allowed to Bosch, the giant German innovation, and service, a leader in the automotive sector, to develop, ready to be placed on the market in the tester-specific Vivalytic for the rapid diagnosis of the Covid-19. He has done this through its division of Healthcare Solutions, which has created a specific version of his tester molecular diagnostic fully automated. Also in the version for the coronavirus, the device Vivalytic can be directly used by all medical institutions, and without resorting to specialized laboratories. Another point of strength of Bosch Vivalytic is also the rapidity of the analysis: an infection by coronavirus is detected in less than two and a half hours, the time measured from the time the sample is collected to the moment it arrives the result.

The new device will be available in Germany starting in April, and to follow in the other markets in Europe and outside Europe.

The new device from Bosch enables, among other things, to be analysed simultaneously in a single sample not only the presence of the virus Covid-19, but also nine other respiratory diseases, including influenza A and B. “The uniqueness of the tester Bosch,” says Marc Meier, president of Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH – is the ability to offer a differential diagnosis, which allows clinicians to save time that would otherwise be needed for further testing. It also provides a reliable diagnosis quickly, so that they can quickly begin the appropriate treatment “. The ability to perform testing directly in the hospital – it reads in the note Bosch – eliminates the need to transport samples, which steals precious time.

With the new tester Vivalytic the doctors get quickly certainty on the health status of patients, while helping to identify and rapidly isolate infected persons. With the tests currently in use, patients must typically wait one to two days for a result. “Time is of the essence in the fight against the coronavirus,” he stated, Volkmar Denner, CEO Robert Bosch GmbH – and our solution offers the great journey of a rapid and reliable diagnosis directly on the spot without moving. It is another example of technology Invented for life”.

The quick tester for the Covid -19 Vivalytic is the result of cooperation between Bosch Healthcare Solutions and the irish Randox Laboratories Ltd. “Together with our partners, Randox,” explained Meier – we were able to develop this innovative rapid test in a very short time and now we are able to offer it to the market. Bosch Vivalytic currency the sample in a reliable and secure way directly in the hospital, in the laboratory or in the doctor’s office, ensuring the best possible protection for patients and health care personnel”. For the operation of the quick tester Vivalytic – that meets the quality standards of the world health Organization (WHO) – using a sample from the nose or from the throat of the patient with a swab. You insert it into a cartridge, which already contains all the reagents needed for the test, and that in turn is inserted into the device for analysis. The tester Vivalytic is designed to offer intuitive operation, so that it can be used also by personnel not specially trained. A single appliance Bosch Vivalytic can run up to ten tests in the span of 24 hours, which means that it takes only 100 devices to evaluate up to 1,000 patients per day.