Coronavirus: Cattoni, Highway of the Brenner pass remains open

A22 you can’t stop: we must go forward, but protecting the health of our employees and our customers.” Thus, the managing director of Autostrada del Brennero, Diego Cattoni, explaining in a note the measures taken by the company to ensure the health of employees and users.
From the 24th of February, the company has minimized the recourse to the toll manual due to a strengthening of the automatic tracks, in order to avoid contact between tax collectors and users. From 10 march, the operating staff has been reduced to the essential, and the work shifts were re-modulated, and you have enabled smart working. The service Centers were closed to the public, remaining active in the service of “call center”. For the support Center users was prepared in San Michele with an alternative venue in case of closure of the current infection.
A22 represents at the same time the main connection of our territories, and a real bridge with the rest of Europe, it is our duty to ensure the efficiency of the also at this time,” added the president, Hartmann Reichhalter.