Coronavirus: from the wheel to the gearbox, here’s what to disinfect

(CarCar) – ROMA, 26 MAR – The emergency Coronavirus has reduced to the minimum necessary car trips. For work, for shopping and for serious reasons of health it is possible to move with the car, but as you can defend yourself from Covid-19 to the interior of the cockpit? First of all, starting from the number of people in the vehicle: not more than two with the carer, in order to maintain the safety distance, must sit in the back seat opposite the driver.

“The car is a small and closed, where it is impossible to stand at a due distance, – said the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, challenged by Dealerink -. And if the decree requires not to move from their own home, it is also true that many people are still forced to move out of necessity, the possession of” self-certification”. In these specific cases, the self property is considered to be the safest, from the moment in which it is normally used only by the members of the family.

Even in these cases, however, it is well to provide for the sanitation of the passenger compartment, which facilitates the permanence of the Coronavirus. “What is closer to your mouth, that is what we find in front of us driving (steering wheel, dashboard) you pollute more. In addition to this, we have to keep in mind the contamination of the hands, and then the gear lever, hand brake, push-buttons,” explains the virologist.

To proceed to the sanitization of the interior to acquire: mask, disposable gloves, absorbent paper type (kitchen), antibacterial hand disinfectant and detergent, alcohol-based or chlorine-free surfaces.

The droplets of saliva are the way of contagion more directly to the Coronavirus, so before you start to disinfect the vehicle must wear the mask. Then pass the solution cleaned on your hands and wear gloves. Pour the disinfectant cleaner based on alcohol or chlorine on absorbent paper, and then proceed with the cleaning.

The main surfaces to sanitize after using the car are the steering wheel and the lever to the side, then go to the dashboard and all the buttons. You must then pass the product on transmission, hand brake, sun visor and rear view mirror. Finally, disinfect the door, internal door handles, external, including. If the interiors of the vehicle are in the skin, it is also possible to use specific products, but it is important that these are disinfectants, detergents with formulations based on polyphenols.